When you’re just starting a career in software engineering, picking different technologies, approaches, etc looks very complicated… It is goddam hard to pick a good technology instead of the bad one. You hope there are some rules on picking those.

Later you become more experienced and realize, there are not much inherently bad pieces of tech and absolutely no inherently good ones. It all depends on the context.

Frequently I’m discussing technologies and engineering approaches with colleagues and tech-saavy friends:

Is NodeJS good for the backend?

Should I use React or Vue?

Are the microservices overrated?

Should backend services communicate in an event-driven fashion?

And almost every time the answer starts with “well, it depends…”. This site focuses specifically on the complex, even controversial software engineering topics, where there are no definitely right or wrong answers possible.

So, should I use tabs or spaces? Well, it depends… When possible use tabs!