The Wikipedia says:

A “Hello, world!” program is generally a computer program that outputs or displays the message “Hello, world!”. This program is very simple to write in many programming languages, and is often used to illustrate a language’s basic syntax.

For example, in Python the “hello world” code would be as easy as:

print("Hello, World!")

And in Java it would be a bit more convoluted:

public class Main {
  public static void main(String[] args) {
    System.out.println("Hello, World!");

But should a blog have a “hello world” as the first thing, when there is no other content existing yet?

As usual in this blog, the answer is “well, it depends…”. When you’re a featureless megacorp with a quarterly blog publishing budget, a multi-level content approval chain and a professional blogging guidelines - you probably should not post a “hello world” article. However, when you are the sole author of the personal blog - you could always add some sincerity and human touch to the blog, like posting a silly “hello world” article.

Have a nice day and let your enemies wash their faces with bloody tears.